Accident Management

Imperials can provide you with immediate assistance and support if you’ve been unfortunately been involved in a non-fault accident. We have the expertise and experience to help you get back on the road and take away the hassle.

We will help you through every aspect of your car accident claim, right from arranging for the repair work to helping you get back on the road with a suitable courtesy vehicle, including 24 hour vehicle recovery service.

Non-Fault Accident Management Service

We are your trusted partners on the road to recovery

Our Non-Fault accident management service is absolutely free of charge and includes:

  • Claims handling service – All claims are handled by our team of experienced service providers who are dedicated to providing you with a dedicated service.
  • Hire Vehicle – We offer a like-for-like vehicle delivered within 4 working hours.
  • Vehicle repairs – All repairs will be funded by us. You do not have to pay your insurance policy excess and your precious No Claims Bonus will remain unaffected.
  • Vehicle Valuation by an independent, Qualified Engineer – Your damaged vehicle will be inspected by an independent, qualified engineer. This ensures you get a free valuation of your vehicle and get a fair write-off settlement in the event of total loss.
  • Immediate access to your independent solicitor – While we do not offer any assistance or advice on injury claims, we follow a unique approach. By providing you with hire and repair services following a non-fault accident, we help you get back on the road quickly. Our team of experts makes sure your vehicle is repaired swiftly and that the replacement car is with you as soon as possible to help you get back to life.

Contact us today at 0207-536-9066 to learn more about how we can assist you with your case.