We are committed to Environment Protection!

At Imperial, we follow an environment-friendly approach while keeping ensuring the efficiency and productivity of our company. Our bodyshop only buys from biodegradable products from approved suppliers.

We have an efficient waste management structure in place which facilitates us to control all hazardous waste while on site until it is transported to new locations. Our spray booth system is a controlled and carefully monitored area which ensures no harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere.

Our Reputation

With several years of industry experience, we pride ourselves in offering environment friendly and top notch service at competitive prices to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Over the years, we have built a reputation that has been earned by offering our clients with a fast and efficient service.

At Imperial, we are dedicated to offering:

Exceptional Quality Standards

To provide superior services, we ensure that every single one of our solutions and services are carefully aligned with international regulations and quality standards.

Service Excellence

Imperial is a customer-centric body shop, our customers at the core of our success. Service excellence is at the heart of our business and we continuously strive to provide the best quality solutions and services to our clients.

Commitment to Safety and Health

Safety is our foremost concern in everything we do, directly complementing our drive to deliver excellence. Extensive risk assessments are part of our process, allowing us to guarantee safety of all involved.

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