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Tips to File a Claim after a Serious Vehicle Accident

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If you have suffered from an accident that injured you or damaged your car, you must be in severe distress. However, considering the statistics of vehicle accidents, every other person who drives is going to get into a car accident at some point in their lives. Nevertheless, an accident is a stressful event and it can be very difficult to function normally afterwards.

Here are some tips you should use to file a claim after a serious vehicle accident. The important points to follow include:

Know Whether It’s the Right Situation to Make a Claim
This is perhaps the most important factor to take into consideration. Make sure you know the right time to file a claim. Do not start the process if you are not eligible for filling a claim for a vehicle accident. Only go for the claim if your car:

• Has been completely damaged
• Vandalized by someone
Make sure you have enough documented proof before making the claims and involve the police beforehand.

Provide Essential Information to Your Company
When filing a claim for your vehicle, don’t forget to give this important information to your insurance provider:

• Your name
• Date of the accident
• Policy number
• Exact time and location of the accident
• Driving license and plate number
• Beginning and end date of your insurance policy
• Name, phone number and addresses of all vehicle drivers
• Names and other details of all the witnesses
• Names of all the passengers
You might also be required to give other details about the place of your accident. Mention any additional details including weather conditions, time of the incident and other information. Don’t forget to add any additional proof such as photos or video recordings of the accident that you may have.

Make an Estimate of the Damages You Can Cover
After sending these details, you should make an estimate of the type of damages you can collect. Various insurance claims suit different events and occurrences. You can file a claim if:
• Your vehicle has been completely damaged and you have to replace it. You can go for collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

• Your car has minor damage. Get the repair expenses reimbursed in this case.
• You have health insurance. You can then claim for any physical injuries or wounds.
• There are any other expenses due to your accident.

Regardless of the type of damages you are trying to collect, make sure you provide enough proof in the beginning. Your insurance company will only offer settlement based on the severity of your damages. However, you need to have documented evidence to get compensated.

If it is a severe accident, you should definitely hire an attorney before matters go out of hand. If you have suffered physical injuries and your car has also been damaged, you should get your matters resolved by a legal expert. Don’t forget to include any data, such as photographs, videos and police reports that strengthen your case.