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Top Reasons Why People Get Into an Accident on the Road

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A screech followed by a bang have become too familiar a noise for people driving or walking on a busy road. They signal an accident.

Sheer negligence is often one of the prime reasons which cause accidents on the roads. While no one can avoid tragic accidents, one can understand the top reasons for them, and realize the ones which could be avoided with care and caution.

Drunk driving
One of the surest ways to find yourself and everyone who crosses your path, behind the wheels or on their feet, in an accident is to drive while you are drunk. While drunk, you lose the ability to focus and comprehend your surroundings. This is the reason why it is strictly forbidden to drive if you are drunk even if you don’t really feel that high.

Loud Music
Driving while blasting music may seem totally cool and may make you seem part of the trend to play the tracks on top of the charts. However, it could be lethal for your own self. You might get hooked up in the beats to notice any obstacles, a person, or any warning indications given by an oncoming vehicle resulting in accidents.

Defective Vehicles
Defective vehicle or a malfunctioning part is a major could reason behind road accidents. Poor maintenance of vehicles can results in brake failure, non-functional lights, and other defects should be amended before they cost one’s life or a hefty amount as repercussion. Also, the defect in design of the vehicle or the various parts of it is also a major reason behind many road accidents.

One of the deadliest combinations on the road is that of texting and driving. Unlike using hands free options to answer calls, texting requires you to fix your fingers as well your gaze on your gadget. The results are lethal. Sadly, despite the campaigns warning against it, the increase in the number of cell phone use during driving causing car crashes and accidents is an indicator that the abuse is growing strong.

Rainy Weather
Heavy rainfall, snow storms and fog are some of the reasons attributed to weather, which cause road accidents. Obstructing the view of the drivers, these natural elements are said to be some of the major causes of road accidents. In addition to the obstruction of view, slippery roads are equally detrimental.

‘Reckless youth makes a rueful age’ – Benjamin Franklin.
It goes without saying that the reckless young drivers rummaging through properties and slaying the rules with their speediness and carelessness (pertaining to the traffic laws) results in numerous road accidents. The funny thing is, this isn’t only a danger for the one who is a victim of their reckless driving, but they themselves also fall prey to it all the time.
It is essential to take the precautionary measures and try to control the reasons which result in accidents on the road, for your own safety and that of others.